Founding of the company
The Railway Repair Company Limited [Železničná opravárenská spoločnosť, spoločnosť s ručením obmedzeným] – ŽELOS spol. s r.o. came into being with an entry in the Commercial Register kept by the District Court in Trnava on 25.11.1994. The initial partners were two companies, WIN spol. s r.o. of Staničná 1, Trnava and EEWS spol. s r.o. of Koniarekova 16, Trnava. As a result of the gradual development of the company, only one partner remained after 24.8.1999 along with a parent company - EEWS spol. s r.o. of Bottova 40, Trnava, which is an owner, holder and operator of rail freight wagons.

The company’s main, core production programme has always been the repair, maintenance, modernisation and reconstruction of rail freight wagons, wagon parts and components, rail track welding and metal products. As needs arose, the company also turned its hand to other commercial, financial and consultancy activities. The site of the company’s head office originally belonged to the Mechanised Track Management Division (MTH) of Czechoslovak State Railways [Československé štátne dráhy] (ČSD). The overall area of about 26,000 m2 is divided into two main parts: - the old plant – originally a workshop for metal and timber production, built in 1925 – 1930 - the new plant – the main production hall with an electricity substation, heat exchange station, office, warehouse and social areas, built in 1985 – 1987

The site was originally used for the production, repair and maintenance of small-scale machinery used for maintaining railway lines – nutrunners, cutters, transport wagons, handling gear and so on. The site originally included 930 m of rail tracks in total, of which one track led partly to a new production hall for rail freight wagon loaders and unloaders. With the creation of ŽELOS spol. s r.o. in 1994, work started on building the foundations for a new vision and focus for the site, upgrading the technical and technological standard of the existing production resources, investing in future projects and, last but not least, creating jobs for the inhabitants of Trnava and the surrounding area.
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Head office
The head office of ŽELOS has always been in Trnava, at Staničná ulica 7. Trnava is one of the most important towns in Slovakia, situated in the heart of the Trnava Uplands at an altitude of 146 m above sea-level, just 40 km north of Bratislava, the Slovak Republic’s capital city, and close to the major European cities of Vienna and Budapest. The Trnava region lies at the geographical centre of Europe and borders on three countries: the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary. The main part of the town centre comprises the historic quarter, bounded to the east and to the west by the city walls. Immediately outside the centre are residential areas made up mainly of large blocks of flats. Since 2002 the town has been divided into 6 urban areas: Trnava Central, Trnava East, Trnava North, Trnava West, Trnava South and Modranka. The town at present covers an area of almost 72 square kilometres. Trnava is at the same time a district and regional centre. Since December 2001 it has been the seat of the Trnava Self-Governing Region.
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